Hurts happen. Then time goes by and layers of misunderstanding becomes trapped between words that weren't spoken and heartache that wasn't seen.

To heal, we need to release the past. But before that, sings Goddess Sinead, " There has to be remembering and then grieving, there has to be knowledge and understanding." Our Radical Forgiveness Ceremony offers all of these things. Conducted predominately in silence, this sacred ceremony takes our practice of sacred witnessing to a whole new level.

Allow your heart to see and be seen while experiencing the transformational power of radical forgiveness in action. This is a profoundly sacred and life-changing ceremony for men and women. Priority will be given to current Guardians and their partners. Spaces are limited.

Couples price $355 : Buy ticket here

Singles price $195 : Buy ticket here

Concession price $100 :  Buy ticket here

6.15 pm  arrival for start at 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm Space Ten Hall, Palm Beach, Gold Coast