Cairns Men’s Gathering

Join us for an Introductory Gathering and teaching session where you can experience the brotherhood, clarity and fierce wisdom that holds the revolution that is the Guardian’s Men’s Movement. 22nd October 3 pm – 6 pm Investment $55 Purchase tickets here :

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Open Men’s Circles

Experience for yourself how different our men’s circles are. Honesty, safety and authenticity thrive when integrity and trust form the edges of our circle. We have opened our circles to new participants. Make up your own mind. Explore our Brotherhood Circles from the inside. Bookings essential. $25 per evening. Click below to save your place.…

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Radical Forgiveness Ceremony

Hurts happen. Then time goes by and layers of misunderstanding becomes trapped between words that weren’t spoken and heartache that wasn’t seen. To heal, we need to release the past. But before that, sings Goddess Sinead, ” There has to be remembering and then grieving, there has to be knowledge and understanding.” Our Radical Forgiveness…

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Guardians Graduation

December 10th 5pm – 9pm xxxxxx

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