Guardians Initiation

Nine Month Rite of HONOUR

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 The Guardian's Initiation is a rare opportunity for mid-life men to spend nine months awakening their masculine wholeness in a circle of sacred brotherhood and fierce feminine wisdom.

Incubating in radical accountability, you will explore, craft and learn to stand in your sovereign Code of Honour.

In a sacred circle that will permanently change your brotherhood and platonic mateship with men, you will be given the insight, information and tools to face your unhealed past, your shadows, your conditional masculinity and outdated fears. You will learn how to know yourself as whole, worthy and free.

With inner power, clarity and the support of unconditional love, you will be inspired and encouraged to live congruently with your values, your integrity, your passion and your deepest, most authentic self.

This course is not for the faint-hearted. It is a true crucible of change. Guardians is made for men who look at their children, their partners and their world and know they are the man called to make a difference.

This Rite of Initiation is to rebirth your authentic masculine elder self: heart, soul and spirit as the Guardian and Protector of everything you value.

2023 enrolments for northern Rivers NSW & Gold Coast are now open.

Guardians (803 x 952 px)

At midlife, a man’s soul is called into Union.

Not with his lover not with his achievements not with his goals but into union with himself His Authentic Self.

At a certain age, Life calls every man into accountability with his purpose. The reason why his Spirit chose this body, this family, this society, this time for his Earth Walk.

During this call to union and depending on how deeply the man wants to own his sovereignty, everything will be forced into evaluation.

Every. Thing.

His work. His identity. His relationships. His goals. His heart.

His commitment to himself.

It is to men going through this gateway of complete re-evaluation that we offer our Guardian’s Initiation.

A nine-month Quest of honour, authenticity and self-awakening.

A Sacred Feminine portal to guide his soul and heart-centred awakening to rebirth his authentic and spiritually adult masculine self.

This is a transformational, challenging nine-month Rite of Self Initiation for men ready to be held and guided through fierce, radically honest and exacting teachings of the Embodied Sacred Feminine.

Our purpose : for every man present to own and stand sovereign in his authentic and soul branded Code of Honour.

To rebirth men as Sacred Guardians: Sacred and Sovereign Men who, in union with the Sacred Feminine, will rise to protect all that is innocent, vulnerable and Good in our world.

Guardians (803 x 952 px) (3)


- 9 Month -
In-Person Initiation

Gold Coast, Australia


9 months x 8-hour days of connection &
training delivered in a men's circle format

Comprehensive Monthly Modules
Initiations, processes, written material and resources

Quest Tasks and Guided at home practices

Honour Informed Accountability

328 hours of Revolutionary Brotherhood and Belonging

7-day Vision Quest Initiation

Fiercely Compassionate Feminine Guidance

- Men's Only Training -
22 Places Available

Guided by Lhamo | Sacred Feminine Minister


Father-son relationships and FatherLine healing
Healing your contracts of love
Mother Wound & Partner Issues
Sovereign Presence & self-responsibility
Sacred Fatherhood
Healing the violence in your soul
Embodying Sacred Masculinity
Brotherhood, intimacy, replacing shame with innocence
Transcending Anger
Spiritual Warriorhood & Sacred Activism
For a more detailed curriculum, see the FAQ below



Nine Sacred Quests to Awaken and Embody your Authentic Masculinity :-


1. By healing your Fatherline & Father-son relationship, become the strong Ancestor & Guardian of Seven Generations

2. By healing the wounds of your heart, open your own Source of Unconditional Love and become a Heart Warrior and a man who leads by inspiration & love

3. By removing your inner blocks & head gremlins, become a Father mindful of his pricelessness and be a man of presence who is honourable & worthy in his world

4. By embracing your aging, mortality & impermanence, become courageously and radically alive

5. By entering a purification Rite, release your inner cravings and self-deception & become a man of peace


6. By shamelessly facing your whole self in a 7 Day Vision Quest, awaken your inner mysticism and access the resonant field of your conscious heart

7. By mastering your accountability, embody your sovereignty and own your authentic and
unconditional masculinity

8. Through nine months of Sacred Brotherhood and radically honest emotional intimacy, heal your disconnection and reclaim your birthright of joy

9. By making a stand as a fiercely compassionate Guardian of Innocence, use your inner wisdom and actions to be the change you need in the world


Straight up, Guardians IS an initiation.

This means, to go to its full depth and stay the distance, you will require spiritual rigour.

You will be tested. Your sense of self will be reordered. Your ego will be redundant, and so, IF your identity, sense of power,
or relationships are built on a foundation of mistruth, delusions or disingenuity, you will be challenged.

You will be stretched. You will be made accountable,
for every choice you make and every piece of your worthiness.
Your authenticity, raw truth, vulnerability, inner mysticism and masculine soul are required.

For thirty years, we have asked nothing less from the thousands of women we have served.
Why would we ask less of our men?

I strongly recommend this course for all men over 35yrs
as it will help you become a better father, husband and man.
This course will help you overcome obstacles you never knew you had.

You may not realise it reading this and you may feel resistance.
Use this to encourage yourself to have a crack, because after 3 circles
you will start to see why this course has changed my life forever.

 If you are worried about money then pay monthly.
At the end of the course, you will feel that money could never put a price
 on the value you have received. This course will help you become a stronger man.

Darren - Aged 48


Are you at peace with every part of your life?
Are you proud of the memories and actions you are passing on to your children ?


What trauma or dysfunction, conflict or pain will it take before you realise it's you who is the one who has been called to be the change?


What change a year of inner reckoning, transformation and support could make?
If this is your year to become the difference?



″ The course content is thorough and sets out challenges to build upon each month.
The Death Rite was enlightening, I threw out lifelong thoughts that did not serve me
and made me appreciative of the life I have with my family -

The Vision Quest for me was the most profound experience I have had in my adult life
(with or without 'enhancement'). It was such a mystical and powerful experience
that confirmed and reinforced my connection to the planet.
Guardians is a true journey that is essential for men.″

Adam - aged 48

″ What would have stopped me was the hard work and courage
to commit to the course and see it through. I had a lot of self-doubts.
What changed my mind was the realisation that something had to change,
or my life would continue to spiral out of control. -

″I have gone from being a lost soul to becoming more aligned with my authentic self
and knowing who I am and my purpose. I've discovered strength and courage
that I did not know I had. I've processed suppressed trauma that had been underlying
since my childhood. I have learnt to open my heart -

"The original reason I joined Guardians was to better myself, so
I wouldn’t lose my family. It wasn’t too long into the course that I wanted
to better myself because I discovered a love for myself and I wanted to change for me.
I have achieved my goals, I will never lose my family. Guardians provided the tools.″

Mark - aged 38

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