Experience for yourself how different our men's circles are.

Honesty and authenticity thrive when integrity and trust form the edges of a men's circle. Come along and discover the depth, healing and insightful challenge that happens when men truly witness each other.

Once a year for three months, we open our circles to new participants. July, August and September circles are filling now.

Come along and make up your own mind. Explore our Brotherhood Circles for yourself.

$25 per circle RSVP essential. Venue details are supplied on sign up .

Circle Times : 6 pm - 9 pm (NSW Time)

* Note : Guardians is a mid-life men's program. Our focus is the shift that happens to men as they cross the threshold from Warrior into Kingship and Elder. Our circles are not warrior-focused, they cover the inner terrain of Builder, Father, Lost Man, King and Wisdom. To make the shift you need tools, maps and insight to help you live with depth, values and integrity.

If you are ready to explore yourself with radical honesty, fierce love and ruthless authenticity. Come along! It would be our honour to meet you.


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