A sacred revolution for men


Guardians is a men's movement held in a transformational crucible of Sacred Feminine Wisdom.

Yes, our men's circles are held by one of two women, Reverend Lhamo Lotscher or Velvet Eldred.

Before you get started, we will not be informing you about what masculinity is or how to be men.
Nor do we have a capacity or interest in doing so.
Our Guardians programs, Warrior Circles, Rites of Passage programs
and Teenage Manhood Initiations [arriving in 2024] are for men, born men.

We offer tools, a map and guidance on the interior journies that must be taken by men to become their authentic selves and live in sovereign wholeness. Through tender honesty and ruthlessly fierce compassion, we also return the trust, platonic intimacy and sacred language of men's hearts to provide a container for real brotherhood and men's mystical wisdom to return.

We hand back Sacred Feminine wisdom, tools and teachings to men ready to own the full expression of their authentic embodied masculinity. There is nothing woke or superficial about any of this. Our teachings are fierce, unconditional and exacting.

We offer nothing less than accountable transformation.

What started as a calling to return the interior maps and sacred language of the Divine Embodied Feminine
to a group of midlife men has quickly become a movement.

Come join our revolution.


"The best part for me is having a woman lead our men's circle and program.
This made a world of difference. I was able to feel and see how I didn't respect and honour my own feminine side nor did I see the full beauty of the women around me.

Guardians offered me renewed power and helped me realize how important a Rite of Passage is to my empowerment as a man in my community.

Being led by a woman was also one of the best things I have experienced,
especially by someone as experienced as Lhamo.

I don't believe a man could have done what Lhamo does."

Darren, aged 49





Andrew (1)




Adam (1)


Darren (1)


Lhamo (5)

Lhamo is both the Creator and Minister of The Guardian's Program.

An ordained InterFaith Minister, Sacred Feminine Priestess and a reluctant teacher of spirituality, Lhamo fell into her spiritual path after surgical spinal realignment to correct 55-degree scoliosis curvature. After 10 hours of surgery, 2 x 30cm titanium rods and seven vertebrae fused, life didn't hold the same meaning.

Her back, living with pain and having a hidden disability, have been her teachers in humility, compassion and inner stillness.

A practising Somatic Psychotherapist, Family Constellations Practitioner and Holistic Counsellor for over twenty years, Lhamo has also been holding women's circles and ceremonies while creating intensive bodies of transformational work through her work and ministry, Ministry of She.

Lhamo is the creator of MotherQuest, a vast blueprint of spiritual transformation that was gifted to her by Spirit in a year of visions back in 2012. For the past eleven years, Lhamo has honed, embodied and facilitated MotherQuest to hundreds of women in non-stop women's 13 month programs. The 15,000+ hours of lived wisdom of this program is the bedrock that the Guardians program stands on.