Absent Fatherline : Disconnection starts and ends here

If you want to grow a backbone and become an open-hearted dependable man, reclaim your belonging to your Fatherline.

I’ve seen them too often. Men who are shakable, wavering, and when pushed by adversity or challenged by their wives, they disappear emotionally. Or explode. There is nothing substantial about them. There is no presence. No solid ground. No backbone, instead emotional defensiveness, deflection or withdrawal.

It’s sad. Not only because it makes a mess of their relationships but because can be fixed so simply, by reclaiming your Fatherline.

“But Dad is a ____ . We don’t get along. I haven’t seen him in …” Upcome the excuses.

I’m not talking about your Dad.

I’m talking about the men you belong to. Your lineage of your forefathers. Your father’s father’s fathers. The men you carry in your DNA. The men who you, through unconscious epigenetic programming, repeat the patterns of. The men who, for better or for worse, you can not escape from. No matter how far you move away or how many times you change your name.

Spiritually speaking, your soul chose your lineage for a reason. The men of your blood family have a soul contract with you – as you do with them.

The reason why you become wishy-washy, why you fall into reactions and defences, and why you feel powerless when you are challenged by someone who loves you and wants more of your love, is because you are still reading emotional situations through the lens of your wounded inner boy.

The part of you that is younger than eight. The part of you who desperately needs the love, strong arms and safety of fathering presence. The inner child who didn’t get the love, guidance or protection from your Dad.

The root of your inner sadness or defensiveness – your disconnection – starts and ends here.

To heal this painful and outdated part of you, you need to awaken the wisdom of your inner father. Which is tricky for most men because you don’t enter the masculine psycho-spiritual phase of FATHER until you are forty-two.

The fastest way to heal your inner boy before then is to call on the wisdom, masculine presence and belonging of your paternal ancestors.

By the way, this is not something you do while under the influence of plant medicine.

I mean, you can, but it won’t make a lasting difference, no matter how many times you lick a frog or drink ayahuasca. You need to create those neural links through your own consciousness, and you do that by learning the names and the stories of the men you were born to. Then, in a very grounded, practical way, you can start reparenting your inner child.

Heads up – you can not outsource or bypass this job.

If you don’t do it by your fifties, there will be consequences, everywhere.

We teach Fatherline a seven-step practical and mystical initiation that awakens your deep and sacred connection to your paternal ancestry online.

Drawing on the wisdom of Family constellations therapy, somatic embodiment processes and Lhamo’s own ancestressal transmission and initiations, this course is a fast track to radically transform your sense of self-trust, your connection and your power in the world.

Fatherline starts online February 2024.

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  1. Darren Siemsen on August 23, 2023 at 10:31 am

    Hi Men,
    Fatherline is a course I didn’t believe could open my eyes up so much to what is around me and how i influence my surroundings. Discovering who my ancestors are and how much I am like them, helped me grow and understand myself and my father. This course is really powerful and I am very grateful to have done.
    I really recommend the Fatherline course to all men.

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