Metamorphosis or die

Men’s midlife : A feminine portal of radical transformation

There are three portals of feminine (internal, embodied) transformation in a man’s life.

The first obviously is birth. Regardless of the current controversy, every man-born human has been created by a biological woman.

The second is mid-life.

Somewhere between 38 and 46, you will experience a shift in your masculine embodiment.

The outward-focused part of your masculine being has had his turn. The warrior within you gets tired, and as much as you will want to keep up with the younger men and boys, your wisdom and the reality of your ageing body won’t let you.

The masculine part of your male psyche, the action-taking, self-centring, directed and willful part of your being, needs to die.

Your inner warrior will want to end the war. The battles and conquests that fed you no longer hold meaning. Your soul aches for deeper things, richer relationships, more fulfilling purpose, the inner permission and the ability to live with sovereignty. Around this time, your relationships will also ask for more. More presence. More accountability. More self-responsibility.

You might want to continue the delusion of your ego, but your wife won’t. Neither will your teenagers. Your soul, fed up by incongruency, will also long for deeper, less complicated things. 

At mid-life, your inner warrior is required to walk The Tunnel. To have his Sun Dance. To face the Light and die while still alive so your focus can shift from your sexual chakra into your awakened heart. It’s a shift from egoic self and tribe, into sovereign embodied power.

Your world needs you to be a King. You need to rule your empire, not keep fighting to claim it.

If your ancestors come from a European, Celtic or Pagan tradition, this Rite is in your DNA. It is celebrated through the solstices through Yule and Litha as well as the Rite of Cernunnos, where the Sun King is sacrificed by fire to feed the earth goddess with his life force. What that looks like is your inner poet or creative (musician, actor, writer), or healer or monk or teacher needs to come alive.

Your outer life needs to burn, phoenix-like. This is your preparation for Elderhood. 

It is a feminine initiation because it requires internal dissolution. You need to unhook yourself from your habits, wounds, stories and concepts of self – from the inside. You need to consciously transform from the core of your being. If you don’t, your outer life (aka : midlife crisis) will start to burn.

The last feminine portal men travel is physical death. There’s no avoiding that one.

The Guardian’s Initiation is a midlife rite of passage for men. We provide the maps, tools and wisdom to navigate midlife with power. It’s gruelling and powerful. Your ego will not survive it, but that’s the point.

This portal is held by women because men are exulted by the feminine. We can take you to places that other men can not. Largely because our wisdom is schooled by over forty years of consciously journeying through the cycles of dissolution, death and rebirth (and you thought our menstrual cycle was just for making babies). Both Velvet and Lhamo are ordained Feminine Mystery Keepers.

Are you ready to learn how to die while you are still alive? Then you are ready for The Guardians Initiation and, maybe, ready for The Rite of Kings.

The next Guardians Initiation starts on 28th October 2023. Click here to read more.

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  1. Darren Siemsen on August 23, 2023 at 10:27 am

    Hi Men, This course changed my life. I found my inner strength and courage to be the man I want to be. My wife and kids are surprisingly surprised at my growth and change. I am no longer angry or beat myself up or blame others for my life. I am free to be who I want to be and I feel great. This course wasn’t easy and it was confronting. I am really happy I stuck it out.
    I whole heartedly recommend this to any men in their 40’s. Take a chance gents as your life is worth it.

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